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North Air Styler Soul Kite Harness
North Air Styler Soul Kite HarnessNorth Air Styler Soul Kite HarnessNorth Air Styler Soul Kite Harness

North Air Styler Soul Kite Harness

By: North


North Air Styler Soul Kite Harness

Product Description

Neoprene Bungee Belt
Inflatable Air bladder. NEW! Easier to replace if needed!
Neoprene liner for highest comfort
Belt Pocket to stow away excess straps
Short harness hook for better bar feeling and control
Attachable transformer Seat available
The Airstyler stands for maximum comfort and spine support. It has an integrated air bladder made from solid TPU to support the lumbar spine area. The hook plate is made out of fully moulded EVA, which is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Airstyler can be easily converted into a seat harness by attaching the Transformer Seat, which is available as a spare part.

The Twister Fit construction consists of a full neoprene liner that facilitates sliding of the harness around your body during a rotational jump or when riding backside.

Since last year the Airstyler also includes a valve system, using a kite single pump valve for easy inflation and deflation. The protection clip makes sure the valve does not open accidentally.

The most important and most significant noticeable constructional change on the Air Styler harnesses is the all new neoprene bungee belt. Instead of a normal bungee belt, a newly designed neoprene belt is used - this increases ergonomic fitting, makes the harness lighter, more flexible and simply more comfortable to use!