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Cannibal CoreVac Composites RPG Surfboard 5’9” 5 Fin

Cannibal CoreVac Composites RPG Surfboard 5’9” 5 Fin

By: Cannibal


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Cannibal CoreVac Composites RPG Surfboard 5’9” 5 Fin

Product Description

Cannibal Corevac Composites RPG 5’9 x 20” x 2 3/8” Volume 28L

Cannibal Corevac are a composites company currently concentrated in the surf industry. By using a vacuum bagged laminating process unique to CoreVac composites we are able to construct a surfboard with superior build quality. Check your local shops or contact us so that we can help take your surfing experience to the next level.
By using a collection of amazing surfboard shapers combined with our CoreVac construction a synergy is created. We are able to produce surfboards with with incredible strength and controlled flexural modulus while still offering a product weighing substantially less than conventional boards so that you can experience a ride quality like no other.
We are not limited to surfboard construction.We also currently produce skim-boards, surfboard fins, stand up paddle boards, surf shoes, and dive fins. Our company offers an array of innovative composite services and we are eager to tackle any new project that comes our way.
Rigorous and constant R&D is the backbone of CoreVac Composites. By experimenting with innovative materials and refining our processes we are able to create a product that we are confident will set the bar for future surfboard construction. Products should improve at the same rate as technology, that is what drives our need for progression.