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Naish Hover 5’6” Foil Surf Soft Top

Naish Hover 5’6” Foil Surf Soft Top

By: Naish


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Naish Hover 5’6” Foil Soft Top

Product Description

Naish’s new surf foil boards give you a piece of the endless summer by harnessing the power of the ocean. Equipped with the Thrust Surf hydrofoil, this Soft Top Surf foilboard provides a near limitless ride that is fully customizable to rider preference with a quick tune of the adjustable stabilizer. Built for super smooth carving and forgiving planing, the 2018 Naish Hover 5’6″ Soft Top Surf Foilboard generates the lift you need to get going quickly while maintaining a solid sweet spot for riders to feel stable while carving, gliding and pumping above the water’s surface.

Length: 5’6” | Width: 22” | Volume: 36.43 L | Thickness: 2 9’16”

Soft Top Deck & Rails
CNC Shape EPS Core
2 x 6 ounce Glass Wood Sandwich Deck
Carbon Bamboo Reinforced Foil Mount Section
2 x 6 Ounce Glass Bottom
Carbon Wood Patch Foil Mount Bottom Support